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Matt traveled across the country (19 states in 15 days) to California and back. He played in Nashville (TN), Oklahoma City (OK), Flagstaff (AZ), Mill Valley (CA), and Angels Camp (CA) just to name a few. Matt had the pleasure of playing and collaborating with other musicians he met on the way and made many new connections. His music was a hit everywhere he went! Keep an eye out for videos of Matt's performances on the road. They will be posted on the 'video' section of this website on the 'home' page. You can also watch sneak peeks of the trip on Matt's instagram highlight-reel. 


Matt competed in a local music competition called Road To Apollo. This is one of many competitions that grants the winner the chance to perform at Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre in New York. Matt made it all the way to the final round and was invited to play at Amateur Night! There are multiple rounds of Amateur Night with a cash prize for the final winner.  In addition, every round has famous producers in attendance who are looking for new talent. Matt was scheduled to play at the Apollo Theatre in April of 2020 but the pandemic put the competition on pause. Once it is safe again, the competition will resume. Stay tuned for updates about when Matt will be performing in New York!

Spinning Record
Piano Keys


On May 27th, Matt released a new type of merchandize: stickers! These stickers feature the same lightbulb design that appears on his t-shirts. All of the sticker proceeds are donated to the Art Therapy Institute in memory of Kate L. Come out to his live shows to get a sticker of your own and donate to a great cause!



"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. " -Victor Hugo

Matt released this new single on February 14th, 2021. He dedicated this song to a close friend, and his family. Matt said "it can be hard to comprehend the hardships of life, and we all have different ways of facing them. I hope this song finds the ears and hearts of those who need it most. We will miss you brother."


Matt has officially released a new album! After two and a half years, one of Matt's most promised projects is here, featuring everything from his top hits to unheard originals from the start of his career. You can now listen to the album on all platforms! 

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